Art Time: Illustrator Jessi Kempin

When I first met Jessi Kempin, she told me that she is obsessed with rainbows in unicorns. Raised in Germany, she has that European “something” and an unusual for an artist engagement in the person she’s talking to. Jessi spent most of her adult life in Seattle and 2010 is a big year for her: she packed her bags and moved to San Francisco to pursue her career in illustration.
I have to say that living in San Francisco, when you hear someone introducing themselves as an artist, your first thought is: “Yeah, right”. But this is not the case.
Besides talent and industriousness, there’s one more thing that makes people of creative occupations successful – a sense of humor.  That’s exactly what Jessi has: her works are a cocktail of dreams, illusions and sarcasm. Keep an eye on this charismatic and talented girl. I have no doubt that soon her studio – “Year of The Pig” – will be  the “it”-destination in the world of illustration.

Jessi Kempin. Photo Courtesy of Jessi Kempin.

Click here for a slide show of Jessi’s work.


2 thoughts on “Art Time: Illustrator Jessi Kempin

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